Pet DentistryPets Need Dental Care Too!!

"With pets living longer, eating soft sticky foods and having previously lacked good home and veterinary dental care, many of the older pets have a high incidence of dental disease. This is largely because clients were never offered modern treatment for their pet's teeth".

It is essential for us to maintain good oral hygiene in our patients. This starts at your first visit to our veterinary clinic. There is no substitute for brushing your pet's teeth. As our pet's age there are a number of factor's which contribute to dental disease. These factors are environmental as well as genetic. We are there to help you best control the advancement of this disease process. We will tell you when we think it is necessary to have your pet's teeth cleaned. We take every precaution to ensure the procedure goes without complication, and only recommend the procedures that we feel are essential.

-Thorough oral exam
-Polishing teeth
-Scaling above and below the gumline
-Full mouth digital dental radiographs
-Preventative care and oral health maintenance
-VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved pet foods and chews

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