MADISON - Now, when pet owners need emergency care for their animal, the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison is an option.

Recently, the school's Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital began offering 24/7 emergency care for small animals. This complements the 24-hour service that has always been available for large animals.

It's the first place Kris Applebee, of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, called when the pregnant beagle she was fostering required an emergency cesarean section. Veterinarians at the school's hospital met Applebee and her beagle, Sophie, at the door, tried inducing labor with oxytocin, and finally had to resort to surgery to deliver two very large male puppies.

Six weeks later, mom and puppies are doing fine, though Applebee is still looking for a permanent home for the mom, whom she rescued.

"It's better to come up there when it's something serious because there are more specialists, and you get lab results quicker," said Bridget Redig, of Rockford, Illinois, whose Rottweiler, Halia, was recently in the emergency room due to vomiting and explosive diarrhea. "I've never had a bad experience when I've been up there."

"I'm so glad to know that now I can just go and don't have to wait for my doctor's permission," agreed Mechelle Clark, of Machesney Park, Illinois. Though Mechelle and her husband, Trent, ultimately lost two of their beloved Rottweilers following complications of kidney and heart disease, she said their loss was made much easier by the extraordinary treatment they received.

The UW Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital has offered walk-in emergency services since October 2008. The new service is available to handle emergencies like this difficult delivery, trauma cases, or other crisis, with specialists a phone call away if needed.

Not only does the new service help animal owners, it provides useful training for veterinary medical students. This training is one of the main reasons the school chose to implement the service.The school's hospital is located on the west end of the University of Wisconsin campus, at 2015 Linden Drive. No appointment is necessary for emergencies, though advance calls are appreciated at 608/263-7600.

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